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Radon Gas in Northern VA Homes

Northern Virginia home owners should listen when the EPA, Surgeon General, American Lung Association, National Safety Council, and American Medical Association recommend testing for Radon levels inside of our homes. Many home owners do not take Radon Gas seriously or believe since they have had it tested and the results were below the EPA standard of 4 pCi/L (pico curies per liter) that there is no concern. Radon Gas in Northern VA homes is and should be a concern for home owners. The EPA estimates that 21,000 people die of lung cancer each year caused by Radon Gas collecting in our own Homes.

EPA Radon Graph

The EPA recommends home owners test for Radon Gas every two years since levels that may be safe today can rise in the future. Radon Gas increase in a home can be caused by three things the first being uncommon soil movement under and around the foundation of a home. The next cause can be created by settlement cracks in foundations which cause new intrusion points for Radon Gas to seep into a home. This can particularly be of concern for new homes that may take years to totally settle and were not build using radon resistant construction techniques. The third more obvious cause is created when home owners build additions or move foundation walls that can move soil and/or make new intrusion points in a home. Home owners have been living with radon for many years and today’s Radon Mitigation Systems can safely lower indoor levels permanently for peace of mind.

Radioactive sign
Northern VA home owners need to take the first step and learn how to test and remove radon gas if found to have unsafe levels. Learn more about Radon in your area of Northern VA by clicking on the appropriate article below.