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Haymarket: 20169

Haymarket real estate statistics for 20169 are below and will be updated by the 13th of every month. These are interactive charts so you can remove and add any of the colored lines by clicking on the legend below the graph.

You will find, what I consider, some of the more important Haymarket real estate market statistics for 20169 to help gauge overall trends. I have also given brief overviews of each graph to help explain the reason it has been included and its importance to the 20169 market. The 20169 zip code include the neighborhoods of Bull Run, Dominion Valley, Piedmont, and the town of Haymarket. Please contact me if you want specific market statistics for any of these neighborhoods.

Real Estate Market Gauge for Haymarket, 20169:

Haymarket Real Estate Activity 20169:

Below you will find the active listings (supply) and closed sales (demand) of the Haymarket real estate market over the last 12 months. It also includes the number of new listings on the market and pending listings, which are the properties under contract. This information is useful to home sellers and buyers to understand the current trends and possible pressure on price in Haymarket. The smaller the gap between the active listings (yellow line) and the sold listings (blue line), the more we are in a sellers market in 20169. This can cause an upward movement of prices.

Median Sold Price of Haymarket Homes, 20169:

This graph shows the median sold price over the last three years for Detached Homes, Town Homes, and condos in the Haymarket real estate market statistics for 20169. This gives a current price trend to home sellers and buyers to gauge the general direction of prices. Pricing a home in Northern Va to high can cause a home to sit on the market and lessen the urgency buyers may have for a property. On the flip side, homeowners who price a home to low may leave excess money on the table that they otherwise could pocket. At times this graph may show some spikes which is caused by a low number of home sales or a high priced luxury home sale in that particular month.

Avg. Home Sales Price vs. List Price Ratio in Haymarket:

Pricing real estate correctly in Haymarket, or any area in Northern VA, is critical to home sellers to net the most money while avoiding a stale listing distinction. This bar graph illustrates the percentage of list price to sold price ratio and can help sellers determine what the average home buyer is negotiating from list price in Haymarket. This can help avoid overpricing a home which can scare off potential buyers since they may not even view a home with an unrealistic price. Finding the “sweet spot” for a seller’s unique situation is what a professional real estate agent can do when it comes to pricing a home. Please keep in mind these are averages in Haymarket and I recommend to consult with an agent on specifics of each individual property. I have broken this graph down into price ranges since sometimes different price ranges can have different results. (Example of Calculation: Ratio of 97.2% means seller and buyer negotiated 2.8% off the list price) (****this does not include any negotiated seller paid closing costs for the buyer)

Haymarket Supply of Homes, in Months:

Below we can see the number of months it would take to sell the current inventory of homes in Haymarket, and broken down into multiple price ranges. I rely on this graph a great deal as a thermometer of each price range in the Haymarket real estate market. As you can see, breaking these results into price ranges paints a different picture for a $300k home as compared to a $800k. A general rule of thumb is, the higher the value of a home the longer it generally takes to sell.