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Ayr Hill Heights, Vienna VA

Date: October 27, 2011 Posted by Joey Remondino Category:

Ayrhill HeightsAyr Hill Heights neighborhood is just north of the Town of Vienna and comprises of 58 homes built from the mid 50’s to the early 60’s. The neighborhood is approximately 1 mile from the businesses on Church Street and Maple Avenue but still in walking distance. This is less convenient access but allows for less street traffic as opposed to the neighborhoods that are within a block or two. Like much of Vienna in the most recent decade some of the original homes have been torn down and more modern larger Colonial or Craftsman style homes have been built. With Vienna lot prices increasing it can make financial sense to tear down rather than remodel the existing older home. There are many opportunities for buyers looking to build a custom home or buy an existing small rambler in the Town of Vienna, contact me to visit the listing currently availability in Vienna.

The public schools that service the Ayr Hill Heights neighborhood is different then the other Ayr Hill areas but are still some of the best. Fairfax County has an excellent school system but I do recommend to do research when looking to be in a specific school district. There are many aspects of what makes a great school and a good tool is my article, What Are The Best Schools in Northern VA. The public schools for Ayr Hill Heights are below, check with the county to verify school districts ****School district lines are subject to change, please check with Fairfax County Schools.

WOD TrailWO&D Trail ViennaAyr Hill Heights has two great parks close by for those who like to enjoy outside activities and nature. Northside Park is a total of 26 acres that backs up to the Ayr Hill Heights community and is a great place for nature walks or picnics. There is also a trail that connects this park with a real Gem of Northern VA, the W &OD Trail. The Washington and Old Dominion (W & OD) trail that was originally a rail road that has been transformed to a 45 mile walking, running, cycling, and skating trail. A 32 mile gravel trail runs along part of the paved trail for horse back riding or off road bicycling. Glyndon Park is also close to this and all Ayr Hill communities, located on Glyndon St a half mile south. Glyndon Park has many activities available including Basketball courts, lit Tennis courts, ball fields, playgrounds, restrooms, and several pavilions that can be rented for group activities.

The Town of Vienna has many excellent restaurants, shops, parades, events and business available to satisfy any household. Visit my article to find more details of events, business, metro stations, shopping and many other businesses in Vienna and why you should consider relocating to Vienna, Relocate to Vienna.