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Joey Remondino

I’m an experienced Vienna, VA Real Estate Agent serving all of Northern Virginia. My business is founded on the notion that exceptional customer service is paramount, and that good relationships are based on respect, trust, and professionalism. I have a deep knowledge of Vienna, VA Real Estate, but have experience working in almost every part of Northern Virginia. I was born and raised in Northern VA, and currently live in Vienna the central location for my real estate business. I am a full time real estate agent, and strive everyday to master all aspects of buying and selling Northern VA real estate. The buying and selling process can be an intimidating one, and having a professional dedicated to your success is imperative. I have been buying and selling homes in Northern Virginia for years- allow me to leverage that experience for you!

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Buyer Access Key to Getting Your House SOLD! post thumbnail

Congratulations. you have decided to sell your home in Northern VA!  You interviewed and found the perfect experience listing agent to get your home SOLD.  If you have hired the right real estate professional they are going to advise you the level of buyer access...

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Is Tax Reform Killing the Northern VA Luxury Market? post thumbnail

Northern VA has a huge Luxury Real Estate market that often rises and falls by different economics than the rest of the housing market.  Sometimes it can be an indicator to what is coming for the real estate market as a whole.  Just over the...

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Choosing a Home Inspector post thumbnail

The average homeowner in Northern Va will likely only own 3 to 4 homes in a lifetime, making the home buying process a rare event.  This is why it's very common for my clients to ask for recommendations for a good home inspector.  I have...

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Americans Rank Real Estate as Best Long Term Investment post thumbnail

I have a few go-to dinner party questions I often ask, particularly at times when the conversation is waning. You know what I am referring to, those times of awkward silence. One of these conversation starters I like to toss out is, is Real Estate...

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Home Prices DO NOT Fall with Rising Mortgage Rates post thumbnail

Years ago before my career as Realtor in Northern VA, I was a lender with a regional bank.   Fortunately this has given me a more detailed experience than most real estate agents.  I am often asked if interest rates are going up, and could this...

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2 Ways to Sell Your Northern VA Home for the Most Money post thumbnail

Every homeowner wants to make sure they maximize their financial gain when selling their home. But how do you insure that you receive the most money for your house once it his the open real estate market?   Here are 2 ways to sell your...

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4 Tips for Effectively Making an Offer post thumbnail

You have finally found the perfect home in Northern VA! The price is right, and in competitive market, you want to make sure that you make a good offer! Freddie Mac covered “4 Tips for Making an Offer” in their latest Executive Perspective. Below are...

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Buy a Home in Northern VA Now or Wait? post thumbnail

Over the last 24 months, many home buyers and sellers in Northern VA have been sitting the side line questioning their timing into the real estate market. In 2016 people were unsure what the presidential election would bring so many waited. Once our new president...

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5 Reasons to Care About Energy Efficient Flooring post thumbnail

Buying a home in Northern Va can be expensive enough, making it all the more helpful to save money while help the environment with a more efficent home! When buying a home or remodeling, there are many new technologies to help home owners go green...

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Should Northern VA Boomers Rent or Buy after Selling? post thumbnail

Over the last 25 years or more, homes in Northern Va have become larger in size. Baby boomers who find themselves in a large empty home often decide to downsize for real estate with less maintenance and expense. Those homeowners close to or already in...

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Read Our Testimonials When we decided to move in 2011, a friend referred us to Joey. Less than 24 hours after Joey put our house on the market, it sold at the listed price. We reached out to Joey, again, when we wanted to purchase our next house. We were very specific with our criteria. Three weeks later, we were under contract for the perfect house for us. We reached out to Joey, yet again, last year, when we were told of an imminent transfer. In less than a week, our house sold at the listed price. Joey lays out the “pros and cons” and offers his recommendations, but, in our experience, always defers to his clients desires. Born and raised in the area, Joey is very knowledgeable about the real estate. His network is extensive. Joey is truly an asset to his profession... read more »

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