The Process of Negotiating and Buying from New Home Builders

Advice from a Northern Virginia New Home Realtor

New Home Community in Bristow Va.The attraction of owning a home that has never been occupied and can be customized to one’s own tastes is appealing. There are many aspects to buying and negotiating a newly built home from a builder, some straight forward while some can be confusing and end up costing more money. Many Northern Virginia home buyers unknowingly walk into a trap whenever they stop to visit those irresistible model homes without a REALTOR.

New home builders normally ask for buyers to register, this registration has a space to identify the buyer’s agent. There are some builders who will not pay a buyer’s agent if the agent does not accompany or become registered upon the first visit to the model. A funny example is when my wife visited a model home in Vienna Virginia when we were looking to buy a new home. The sales representative requested her to fill out a registration card before she toured the model. My wife was happy to oblige and while filling out the card she noticed the card stated “agent must be present upon initial visit”. She told the sale representative that I was an agent, and the sales representative said that did not matter he needs to be here. After a few minutes of debate, my wife being the spicy Irish/Italian she is, proceeded to fill out the registration with a fictitious name. I am not condoning this approach but I am strongly recommending employing an agent to tour model homes. This along with many other tactics, the sales representative gains the advantage with any future negotiating for the builder. For detail on negotiating with new home builders like Toll Brothers , Ryan Homes, Stanley Martin, Pulte, NV Homes, Richmond American, Beazer, Lennar, Drees, Centex, and Brookfieldread, Negotiating with New Home Builders in Northern VA.

Once a buyer has fallen in love with the model, the builder sales representative does whatever it takes to get the buyers to sit down and run some numbers. This is one of the most important times of the process for a buyer to have an experienced new home agent. A bit of advice from experience, this is not the time to look at the bottom line price and say “wow”. This is one of many things that should not be said when discussing anything with the builder sales rep. Please contact me if you would like an experienced new home builder agent to represent you in the buying process.

With everything signed and lending in place for the buyer much of the abstruse aspects of the process have passed. As long as the home is not already built or a spec home the home buyer will now have the chance to select colors and options. This should be an exciting task as long as there is plenty of time allotted to make such selections. Consider driving the neighborhood before the appointment and see the color combinations that others choose. Once the colors are selected be sure to verify each and every one with the builder so there are no costly mistakes. In the past it has proved difficult to convince the builder that a mistake was made on their part.

Let the construction begin……It always seems to take forever for builders to break ground and get the foundation and/or basement in place. There are many reasons for this slow process that I will not get into but below is an example.

Now that the foundation and basement are placed the main structure can be built and will be surprisingly fast. The windows and doors and inserted shortly after much of the structure is in place and the home is wrapped.

When the home is under roof the remaining process should remain steady but is time consuming because of the detail of work now involved. The electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are a few of the many details that now take place. This is about the time the buyer should meet with the builder’s superintendent and perform a pre drywall walk through. The main purpose of this is to make sure the floor plan and structural options are being built per the contract.

New Home structure in Northern Va

The new home is almost complete and settlement is just around the corner, just a hand full of things to do in order to make the transaction smooth. One of these items will be a walk through and the technical placement of the blue tape.

The blue tape is for the buyer to mark all the imperfections to be fixed before the final walk through and settlement of the new home. These are usually small issues that can easily be fixed in a short amount of time by the builder. Then a week later the final walk through and settlement will take place. This day should go smoothly as long as all the work and preparations have been completed by all the parties involved. The process should have been overseen by the buyer’s agent and orchestrated by the builder’s sales representative and superintendent.

This article is a basic overview of some of the activities that need to be taken in the new home buying process in Northern Va. There are many other activities associated with purchasing a newly built home from a builder.  Building a custome home in Northern VA is a much diffrent process, read this article for building a custom home in Northern VA.   When considering a new home have a knowledgeable Northern Virginia New Home Realtor to help navigate the process, of course I hope you contact me.