5 Reasons to Care About Energy Efficient Flooring

Buying a home in Northern Va can be expensive enough, making it all the more helpful to save money while help the environment with a more efficent home!  When buying a home or remodeling, there are many new technologies to help home owners go green while saving money.  Northern VA homeowners should know that home […]

Northern Virginia’s Best Home Remodeling Projects in 2015

Over the last decade home improvement has become an addiction for many U.S. homeowners, and Northern Va is no exception. Just channel serf through any cable providers programs and you will find a vast selection of home improvement, decorating, and real estate shows.   This has become such a passion that about 2% of all U.S. […]

Northern Virginia’s Remodeling Projects That Pay Best in 2014

Remodeling Magazine has released their annual report for home remodeling projects, 2014 Cost vs. Value .   In the Northern VA area, the value of remodeling has increased in almost every category included in the study and is a further indication of a strong real estate market.  More remodeling projects are now returning a net profit to home […]

Power Outlet Placement in Your Home

Northern Va home builders, many times, take the small stuff for granted when designing and building homes which can leave the challenge of installing more convenient power outlets to home owners. With the many electronics we use in our daily lives, strategic placement of power outlets can help with convenience and organization in any home. […]