Should Northern VA Boomers Rent or Buy after Selling?

Over the last 25 years or more, homes in Northern Va have become larger in size.  Baby boomers who find themselves in a large empty home often decide to downsize for real estate with less maintenance and expense   Those homeowners close to or already in retirement considering selling have an important decision to make! Should […]

Northern VA Home Sales Expected to Increase in 2018

  With an increase of available homes for sale, Northern VA home sales expected to increase in 2018.  This will mainly be driven by millennials  who will continue to buy homes and the returning of boomerang buyers.  Builders are expected to increase housing starts as reported by Core Logics, which will increase the available inventory. […]

Homebuyers Lose $1.5 Million in Wire Scam

The Wire Scam Just days before settlement on the sale of home in Northern VA, emails will abound between homebuyers, home sellers, Realtors, lenders and title companies.  Among the chaos, thieves initiate their scam to rip off unsuspecting homebuyers of their cash and the realization of buying a home! An unsuspecting home buyer receives an […]

Northern VA Homes Must Be Sold TWICE

In today’s housing market in Northern VA, where supply is very low and demand is very high, home values are increasing. Many experts are projecting that home values could appreciate by another 4%+ over the next twelve months. Sometime Northern VA homes must be sold twice because of the challenge this creates with the bank […]