5 Reasons to Care About Energy Efficient Flooring

Buying a home in Northern Va can be expensive enough, making it all the more helpful to save money while help the environment with a more efficent home!  When buying a home or remodeling, there are many new technologies to help home owners go green while saving money.  Northern VA homeowners should know that home […]

A Bathroom Friendlier to the Environment and Wallet

Everything in Northern VA seems so expensive, especially real estate.  So it makes sense to save money where ever you can and even more exciting is at the same time have a lower impact to the environment.  With the available Green plumbing technology, everyone in Northern Va can have a bathroom friendlier to the environment […]

Trump’s War on the Environment!

I try to avoid political discussions on my business blog and web site, particularly in Northern VA.  Unfortunately the MOST IMPORTANT issue of our time is the environment and climate change requiring a more active approach on my part.   At a time that climate change should be the primary issue, the current administration […]

Do Dimmer Switches Save Energy in Smart Homes?

Homeowners and buyers in Northern VA are often perplexed when I mention smart home technology as Green or resource efficient.  Many people do not realize these technology are not just cool new gadgets but many can save money and benefit the environment.  There are many smart home upgrades that can lower electric, gas, or water […]

Smart Home Trends for 2018

Northern VA home owners and homebuyers are searching for smart home technology for more convenience and energy efficient homes. Smart home tech may seem a bit expensive but the long term payoff for energy efficient improvements can certainly save more money in just a single year.  Combine multiple technologies and Northern VA home sellers can market […]