Proof Homes Are Still Affordable

Home prices in Northern VA continue to climb making many concerned if there is a bubble in the Northern VA real estate market. A primary indicator of a bubble is weather the average household income can afford the average home in NOVA.  With this said, here is proof homes are still affordable. There is a […]

A Bathroom Friendlier to the Environment and Wallet

Everything in Northern VA seems so expensive, especially real estate.  So it makes sense to save money where ever you can and even more exciting is at the same time have a lower impact to the environment.  With the available Green plumbing technology, everyone in Northern Va can have a bathroom friendlier to the environment […]

Why Northern VA Home Prices are Still Increasing

Northern Va home prices continue to increase on average at a steady pace.  This has continued since 2009 leaving many homebuyers to ask the question, Why Northern VA Home Prices are Still Increasing?  As my standard disclaimer, real estate is local and can be different even from neighborhood to neighborhood and price range as I […]

Trump’s War on the Environment!

I try to avoid political discussions on my business blog and web site, particularly in Northern VA.  Unfortunately the MOST IMPORTANT issue of our time is the environment and climate change requiring a more active approach on my part.   At a time that climate change should be the primary issue, the current administration […]

Home Mortgage Qualification Getting too Easy?

I received an email today from a mortgage lender offering a mortgage loan qualification requiring only a bank statement as documentation.  My first thought was, “oh shit, here we go again”, and a big remaining question, is home mortgage qualification getting too easy? There is little doubt that it is easier to get a home […]