Buy a Home in Northern VA Now or Wait?

Over the last 24 months, many home buyers and sellers in Northern VA have been sitting the side line questioning their timing into the real estate market.  In 2016 people were unsure what the presidential election would bring so many waited.  Once our new president was elected, many continued to wait to see what the […]

5 Reasons to Care About Energy Efficient Flooring

Buying a home in Northern Va can be expensive enough, making it all the more helpful to save money while help the environment with a more efficent home!  When buying a home or remodeling, there are many new technologies to help home owners go green while saving money.  Northern VA homeowners should know that home […]

Should Northern VA Boomers Rent or Buy after Selling?

Over the last 25 years or more, homes in Northern Va have become larger in size.  Baby boomers who find themselves in a large empty home often decide to downsize for real estate with less maintenance and expense   Those homeowners close to or already in retirement considering selling have an important decision to make! Should […]

Proof Homes Are Still Affordable

Home prices in Northern VA continue to climb making many concerned if there is a bubble in the Northern VA real estate market. A primary indicator of a bubble is weather the average household income can afford the average home in NOVA.  With this said, here is proof homes are still affordable. There is a […]

A Bathroom Friendlier to the Environment and Wallet

Everything in Northern VA seems so expensive, especially real estate.  So it makes sense to save money where ever you can and even more exciting is at the same time have a lower impact to the environment.  With the available Green plumbing technology, everyone in Northern Va can have a bathroom friendlier to the environment […]